BamaSearch is now focusing our attention to the new Whiteboarding Advertising and SEO work for our existing customers and new clients. Whiteboarding cost you as the business owner around $800. But, that is a one time fee and you are off to the races. Watch the whiteboarding video here for a better explanation of what whiteboarding is and how it is done to help you. If you pay for TV commercials, you pay about 1,000 dollars a day. But you only get about the first 27 seconds of their attention. Well, your whiteboard video will be placed in Facebook, Twitter and all the social media sites. There will be about 5 times more people that see it, as we spend more time on social media per day than we spend watching TV per week. To your right you will notice a Video that is playing, please watch it from the beginning. It will explain more of what we are about.