a little about our company...

Every point in our lives is the result of all the steps taken before (planned and otherwise), as well as the countless influences of the people and places we encountered on our journey.

Now a veteran web and software developer, I can look back and see those people, opportunities, and decisions that shaped my path. Even as a child, when growing up in Cocoa Beach, FL. around Cape Canaveral or NASA, I had a keen interest in symbolic systems — from algebra to linguistics. I soon began developing simple software on some of the earliest computers available to schools at that time.

I moved to Alabama in 2001, and attended a Community college where I had a great instructor and teacher and spent most of that time learning new computer languages and techniques. These skills led to a series of programming jobs at several commercial companies, at which I greatly expanded that knowledge, particularly in database development.

My wife and I started BamaSearch.com in 2004 and have been in business ever since. We have many satisfied customers out there and all over the world. We have customers in Australia, United Kingdom and other countries as well. I was on the Beta team that tested .NET before it was released and still use it a lot today. A lot of people have turned to Linux hosting because it is so much cheaper. And I am very familiar with PHP, JAVA and all the other techniques used today. We are a Top-notch, Alabama-based IT support for small businesses. Our fundamental belief is that IT is about much more than technology; for us, people come first

We also give 100%, 24/7 support and hosting for the life of your site at no additional cost to you. And if you ever want to move your site, we give you all the files and data that you will need to set it up elsewhere.